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Your questions

Sometimes, answers are more forthcoming if the question is clear. We not only answer your questions, but if required, we help you frame the question itself! Here′s an indicative set of questions that we can help you with.

Employer – Employee Dynamics

  • Is there clear articulation of organizational goals? And, is there alignment across the organization, with goals?

  • How effective are the communication systems within the organization?

  • Is there alignment across the key functions and stakeholders within the organization?

  • What is the engagement level of our employees?

  • What are the key initiatives that need to be driven to strengthen employee engagement?

  • Is the current employee experience in line with stated objectives?

  • Are our managers sufficiently equipped to support and guide their teams?

  • What is the existing culture within the organization and how can we achieve the desired state?

  • What are the pockets of excellence within our organization and how can learning be transferred to other parts?

  • Do we have a strategy to retain employees?

  • Customer

  • Is the current customer experience in line with our Brand⁄Customer Service strategy?

  • Are we offering a differential experience to our key customer segments?

  • Which touch points offer opportunity for improvement or leverage?

  • Are there best practices around service delivery which can be replicated in other parts of the organization?

  • Do we have an efficient service delivery levels?

  • What are the existing barriers and enablers within the organization that limit / enhance heightened Customer Service Experience?

  • Are our customer facing associates able to create delight?

  • Brand

  • What is the size of the market?

  • Which customer segments offer the largest opportunity in the market place?

  • What does my customer expect of the category and more so of my brand?

  • Are my customers clear about what my brand stands for?

  • How unique is my brand – in terms of product and service offering - in the market?

  • What is the perception of the brand amongst all key stakeholders in the marketplace?

  • Are there any gaps in the market that I can leverage?

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