Transformation is in our DNA.

Emtranz provides businesses with solutions and offerings at Individual, Team and Organizational level to address the needs of the businesses, and comes armed with the unique ability to span the full spectrum of research and consulting requirements in a seamless manner.

Any business outcome is a result of the interplay of various components within the organization and its ability to translate an intended experience truthfully to its customers. This in turn reinforces the brand promise and increases engagement. Each component is interlinked to the other and influences the organization′s customer offering. These components need constant nurturing to optimize organizational capabilities and achieve synergy.

We help businesses design and implement solutions that visibly impact outcomes by offering a holistic, integrated approach, encompassing the five components.

Our multilayered approach helps organizations DISCOVER their context from relevant stakeholders, thereby forming the diagnostic foundation for what needs to be done. This, in turn, enables us to EMPOWER businesses with strategies and tools to address their business challenges.

We are able to help businesses TRANSFORM how they operate by partnering with them on desired change interventions, by working with the leadership and hand-holding client teams during execution & review phases.

Skills honed over 55 years of collective experience.

Let’s build something beautiful together.