Shaping the future. Together.

Emtranz partners with businesses to discover, empower and transform their enterprises. We help clients create a competitive advantage by building more capable and engaged organizations to secure lasting results.

This is Emtranz.

Emtranz is a business consulting and research firm established in 2011, structured as a Limited Liability Partnership. The two founding partners, Balamurali Duraiswamy and Suneeta Ribeiro, along with other key associates, have a collective work experience of over 65 years, partnering with leading corporates in India and overseas. Over the past decade, Emtranz has worked in a variety of industry environments. We have offices in Bangalore and Goa, with project implementation capabilities anywhere in Asia.


What We Do


Emtranz works with organizations to transform the workplace by identifying and driving corrections at organizational and team levels to improve employee engagement in the context of business outcomes.


Our diagnostics and insights help organizations design and improve the efficacy of their brand strategies.


Emtranz helps organizations strengthen the connection between customers and brands/companies to improve satisfaction with the functional aspects of their relationship and drive desired Business outcomes.